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3 Simple Words:

Solving Life’s Greatest Problems in Three Words or Less

We make things complicated. You hate your job? Stop doing it. Know you need to exercise and eat right to lose weight? Start doing it. Scared to leave the country and explore? Do it anyway.  I have found that much of life’s “hard” questions can be answered in three words or less. Stop overthinking it. Just do it. It’ll be okay. You are enough. It’s that simple.

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I Offer NO Advice… Only My Opinion

Sneak Peek Inside:

        “I felt completely absent of a calling. All my life, all I wanted to do was sing. I wanted so badly to be a singer, but when 25 came and went, all my juvenile dreams were crushed. I felt betrayed by what I thought God had promised me. I had planned my entire life around being a singer. Sitting on Oprah’s coach, interviewing with Letterman, Larry King and Rosie, Making Teen People’s Hottest 25 under 25, getting a Grammy for being the first African American female and youngest songwriter of the year and artist of the year awards, going triple platinum, getting a Nickelodeon teen choice award…. All gone. I was washed up at 26. But being married by 25, all my babies out by 30, a business owner and author before 40? I still had time! Like evangelist Priscilla Shirer, my life had been interrupted, but God was not finished with me yet.
But while I remained married, I became unsure what God wanted me to do. In absence of support. In absence of my close friends. In absence of purpose, absent of joy… I was miserable. How can you say that? People would ask. Your family looks so beautiful on Facebook! They’d say. I called Facebook a damn lie! Facebook is the devil!! Real talk my next book will really highlight the social media demons or at least my personal beef with them. Forget a Facebook picture! Do you know that there is a story and an argument behind every single one of those beautiful pictures I posted? Photographers are artist! They are able to see a mess and still manage to capture that one single still moment of potential–of what should have or could have or would have been it in a perfect world. Thank God for divorce! God doesn’t condone divorce but we can’t blame him for every marriage either. But I digress.
The point of all of that is, that even when I thought I was on track, or at least looking like it to everyone else, I was still very much lost. I was a mess…or so I thought. Even now, as I write this book, the story of my life may still in fact be a complete, disjointed mess to someone looking at it trying to decipher it all. But you know what? I am happy!! Happier than I have been in a very long time because for once I am on my own time, doing only that which I love, and feel like I have God’s approval to do just that. I’m still living my starving artist story. I am no different than you. This is not the “started from the bottom now I’m here” story. At the end of this book I will still be Just. Like. You. The only difference will be that I completed a book to tell you about how I got here and how I plan not to stay here.”

Words from my heart about a lot of nothing and a little bit of everything. Get lost in my journey with me, you might just find yourself ( I know I did). For legal reasons I must give the disclaimer : This is not an advice book! (lol) what you do with the content is your business… but write me an email, I’d love to hear all about it!