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Want Not an erotic novel

Sneak Peek Inside this sexy novel:

“I looked at the clock and realized it was only ten minutes to six. I closed my eyes and waited for the slow, throbbing pain behind my eyes to dull. I listened to the sounds of my breaths become longer and my heartbeat begin to slow down and let myself drift back off into a dreamlike daze mentally noting that Marcus had still failed to move. If he’s still here when I get up I’m wild n’ out on his ass. He already know I will. I don’t play.

As I do so often, I again found myself wondering how I got here, at this particular place in my life. How did I ever allow myself to get to the place where I find myself waking up every morning regretting every night before?

When I was younger, about 6 or 7 years old, I knew I was a little different. Not in a “riding-the-short-bus” kinda way but in a “dirty little secret” kinda way. I can remember lying in my bed late at night and wanting. Not sure what I wanted exactly but knowing that whatever it was, I wanted it more than my next breath. I’d lay there for hours wiggling and trying to keep quite as I moaned in agony of this desire I could not fulfill.

As I got a little older, my friends began getting the ‘birds and the bees” talks at home and concurrently, the conversations at school got a little more “grown-up.” I learned words like “hormones”, “masturbation”, “doin’ it”, and “orgasm”. I was in complete amazement. I was excited and strangely happy and I didn’t know exactly why. It wasn’t until I was eleven years old when I finally knew what all the excitement was about. Finally, I knew what I wanted—sex.”

Nia James had it all, yet there was still something missing. She wanted something more. They say that thou shall not want, but how on earth can a woman resist?