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Cant Take it Back

When young Jasmine met Mhalik and things could not have been more perfect! The two fell madly in love and then things took an unexpected turn in the opposite direction. Love is patient, love is kind, and once you say it… you can’t take it back.

Personally Speaking

Ever wonder why two people can break up and get back together over and over and over again? What happens when two people with multiple personalities get together and each of their personalities pairs with a personality within the other person? What happens when not everyone is ready to break up and part ways?

‘Til Death and Forever

Love is forever. For Sara and Abram, love has brought them together one lifetime after another. What if love is reincarnated? Til death do us part, as said in wedding vows, speaks to but a physical parting, but love is forever.

Me, Myself , and the Rest of Us

Jessica doesn’t like to be moody, she likes to think that she is acting out of whichever inner personality is dominant. She doesn’t have multiple personalities per se, but she compartmentalizes (and names) her moods. One day she may be outgoing and fearless, the next day a devout Christian and optimist, two days later she could be shy and playful like a child. What if when you talked to yourself you could imagine all of your moods having a meeting to discuss how you should react? Jessica can.