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I am not a personal trainer. However, since my childhood, I have always seemingly been on a diet or fitness training regime. So this patch will explore diet plans and workout routines.

I will share my current diet. I will share my review of trending diets. I encourage diet and exercise challenges. Post your pics and results and I will post mine.

We are all in this together!!



**Atha Yoga Anushasanam**


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My practice of yoga has most certainly been adventurous living. It has been the most important of all explorations, an exploration of the self and my place in the (U)niverse. Perhaps you tried yoga and found it to be a practice that didn’t particularly suit you, I challenge you to find that one thing that allows for a heightened sense of awareness, a practice [or thing] that pulls you toward enlightenment, toward shifting your focus inward and getting to the root of who you are and how you choose to show up in the (U)niverse ~Namaste

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Booty, Buns, Butt, SQUATS!!

I am a sucker for a good squat challenge! Shout out to for this post!