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The Adventures of Little Dittle (series)

Follow the cute toddler Little Dittle as she explores life from her first doctors appointment to her first friend. She is cute and hilarious. Fall in love with her as you watch her grow up

Adventures of Little Dittle and Cutie Pie (series)

Lovable Little Dittle  has a Baby brother- Cutie Pie! The adventures these two take are so much fun! From mischievous and daring to sweet and caring, you will follow these two little ones and discover why siblings really are the best of times and the worst of times but always a GOOD time.

Mommy Look (series)

Through whimsical poems, stories and pictures, this series takes you through the journey of a infants’ self discovery. New moms never seem to have enough time to sit and read a book or enough time to play with baby, this book series will allow you to do both! Designed to be educational and informative for mom while also having fun pictures and things to share with baby. Each section will include playtime ideas, snack ideas, parenting resource, medical knowledge about mommy and baby and answers to frequently asked question about  that first year after child birth.

The Day Mommy Got Sick

When an adult, but especially a parent, goes through a life changing event those closest to them go through that event also. This book tells the true story of two children as they learned that their mother had Multiple Sclerosis.Fear is a natural reaction, but as the story reveals, so much fear is swaddled in lack of understanding. As the sinlge mother grapples with her own fears she recognizes that it wis her job to talk to her children and provide them with reassurance. This story seeks to educate others about Multiple Sclerosis and to provide families also coping with thisdisease or a similar disorder a story of hope and promise. The new normal can be full of happiness once education is allowed to erase fears.