Life Coach

Now offering certified Life Coaching services!

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I offer general Life Coaching services, but I would consider Health and Wellness a particular specialty.


Life Coaching

Discover and achieve your potential! Identify your dreams, reach for your goals, and finally recognize what’s been standing in your way.

Relationship Coaching

Understand how you can build happier, healthier relationships by beginning to understand patterns and blocks that currently exist, learn techniques to improve communication, and discover ways to strengthen conflict resolution.

Transition Coaching

Learn how to navigate the  personal or professional changes in your life. From beginning of a new career or life after divorce,  gain newfound clarity and begin to make the most of your new start.

Health & Wellness Coaching

You can thrive, not just survive this thing called life. Begin to  develop healthier habits and lifestyles. You’ve tried everything else, the answer is within you ( and it always has been).


If you are interested please send an email to with your name and requested service. You will then be sent a pricing list and program pre-initial coaching questionnaire to complete

COMING SUMMER 2020  The J Marie Life Coaching App!!