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Middle Child, Nobody’s Favorite

I was born the  classic middle child – an older sister and younger brother. My mother cleaved to my older sister while my younger brother was my father’s most prized possession and the apple of his eye that could do no wrong. Then there was me. I was left in the middle feeling lost, ignored, unloved and broken. Sometimes being lost and alone is the best way to find yourself.

Trinkets My Mother Left me  and other things she dropped along the way

I never had a close relationship with my mother. My parent’s divorced when I was only 9, I rarely saw my mother (I never wanted to) and over time we grew even further apart. I am always amazed at how often though, my mother- something she said or something she did, has crept into my subconscious and guided my actions. Not all bad but oddly, none of them all that good.

Sex and Baby Chickens

I married after only dating for 5 months. I spent my first year of marriage alone while my husband was off at war. He returned and within months I was expecting my first child. I was barely 25 and life began to make a drastic turn. Marriage was not at all what I thought it would be and motherhood was a stress I was not prepared for. Funny how no matter what I did all of my marital fights came down to sex and baby chickens…

Passing Gas:

The Art of Being Our Authentic Self No Matter What Company We Keep

Ever wonder why we seem to be different people all the time. Different at work, with friends, with best friends, with associates, with family, at church, at school, in front of children. in front of strangers, at the mall, in traffic…. the list goes on an on. Maybe sometimes we are the same like say at church and in front of the children or with close friends and in traffic, but more often than not we change. We change how we speak, how we carry ourselves, even our standards for what is acceptable in what we will wear or how we eat changes! We aren’t diagnoses with multiple personalities, but perhaps we should be investigated. This book will allow you to recognize when we have made personality shirts, analyze why we do it and ultimately figure out who we really are underneath it all. Somewhere in all the switches there is a little part of your authentic self dying to get out! So go ahead, let it rip! Don’t hide who you are, you are enough ( and it about time you thought so too!).

Living in the In Between

There is something that happens shortly after we are young and carefree in our early 20s and just short of our going “over the hill” in our 40s when we realize that almost everything we had learned previously was either a lie, a half truth, or simply was not sufficient to prepare us for what was ahead. This is what I like to  call the “in between”. How can we move forward knowing that the past neither prepared us to move forward or needed to be “relearned” entirely? How do we move forward when we are paralyzed with the fear of now knowing better but not knowing any other way to be? This is what has been done for generations before us. It is this realization that makes old people so surly and combative. We are not victims unless we choose to do nothing with our new knowledge. You don’t have to do nothing. There are answers. You are asking yourself the questions. Now, the least you can do, is be open to moving forward with a guided sense of “this is better”.